Yes, that's it. I found this account yet again.
Yes, I feel older and lost.

But well... nice to see you.
hae br


Sometimes I feel like I am doing "things" I don't longer enjoy. I know there are some issues I just can't avoid like work, you know, but the day-to-day routine is making me mad already. I want to change almost everything, to finish it all. I don't want to keep adding words on my agenda. I don't want to be insert anymore in anything. Maybe it is just the result of being more conciouss about myself.

Well, I am 25 years old, female, introverted, a bit socially-awkward. I have never been a social butterfly or a sport girl. I always wanted to be at home reading or writing stories. Anime was a companion of my childhood and adolescence. Friendship was reserved to two or three closed persons I cared a lot. I've completed my studies at age 21, still a loner. I've been a part timer while ending the career (for like 2 and a half years). Now I am working full time (since 2009, when I graduated).
I have started another career (licenciature in politic sciences). At first it was to "do something in my free time", maybe also it was to earn a degree in something I like... not just end my academic life in my work. In between, I starting dating a boy, now we are like in a four years relationship (not sharing house, just dating and being together in the weekends).

The problem is I don't like my job. I just got it for the salary and because I can't be picky in the times we are having in my country. So, I have to be grateful because I can work and I can afford a house, eat everyday and still have my family healthy and some dear people who love me.
I am starting to feel anxious because of this and plus, because of University. The studies are now a big pressure in my shoulders. In there people's pushing me constantly to make me do more and more in behalf of the institution. I mean, I like to learn, to read and write, even to participate in little events... but I don't want to be a teacher or have other students in charge while I am a student myself. I don't have the time to be all of that. Sometimes I just want to go and leave it.
I try to be healthy too. This year I got sick and got bedtime for two whole months. It is not a joke, health is important and you need time to get it right. Eat well, sleep proper hours, do exercise... time indeed.
Time passes and I feel like I am not really doing what I want, and always wanted to do. I wanted to write a book, I didn't. I wanted to illustrate a book I wrote, I didn't. I wanted to sculpt a doll, I didn't. I wanted to take a photograph course, I didn't. I wanted to learn successfully another language, close but I didn't. So many things I though I could do when I got a job and, in fact, I even started them yet.

I know, I am complainning a lot. I am sorry for that and for my english.
I think this is the only place I can say all this without people trying to change my mind or say me things like: "you can do it, don't panic, it's only for a couple years". I won't change nothing, for sure, but I need to write it down.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Seems like I always end posting on this day. Happy b-day, Soushi.

Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Well, my native language is Spanish. So I can say I know English. I would like to learn Japanese, German and French. They are the most interesting to me, because the sound, the writing and because they would be useful-practical to me :)

(so much time, again, without writing here)

Writer's Block: Extra! Extra!

If you worked for a newspaper, which section of the paper would you like to write for, and why?

I am doing this because I want to see the journal updated (again, I will try to, at least, make some of this questions often).
Getting on the theme, If I worked for a newspaper, I would like to write on some critics column; like cinema or books. But well, I think I would run out of ideas a couple of weeks later. But that would be funnier than my actual job.


Lately I have been posting A LOT on my WordPress account (LINK), but I have left this blog a bit lonely. Sincerely, I love to write. I write stories and short narrations when I have the time and the inspiration is not that diverged; but I use to write about ideas as well. Sentences and sentences of explications and sources, extravaganza and well, my personal issues. If you know Spanish, you can read it without problems. Maybe someday I will turn my wordpress into a bilingual one, but right now I think not so many people is reading it.

Changing subjects, I am posting here because I know someone stills looking at the update page and will found this entry. I want to wish you a very very happy Christmas (for the believers) and / or a happy happy seasonal holidays (for whose aren't). You know, this space of time is to share with the persons we love the most, to rest and having a break from routine. Happy new year too! Soon enough it will be 2011 already!

Talking about me a little: this years was full of surprises, first was my job, then the Fafner's movie announcement, later my boyfriend (I didn't even expected that eight month ago), friends I have earned and some I have lost... but, particularly, I believe I have matured a lot, like a social person and like a individual as well. Now I am only fighting to have my own place, to have my own wings. Life is like this.

PS: again, I will try to update this more often and not only a couple of times in a year.
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Writer's Block: Who wants to live forever

Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?

I would. Not only for the sake of life for ever only, it is because I want to see it all. Understand and have the possibility of study everything I want.
The lifetime is really short to do all the thing an actual person wanna do. I feel like I don't have the proper time. Between work and some cluc duties, my days are totally out and I feel also I will die without even fulfilling my long awaited wishes.
So, If I can take more time, I will for sure.
With the knowledge, you can do it almost everything if sometime I get really bored and get to know everything I wanted and could pass it down to someone else (maybe to many more people), I would stop it.

If everyone can be inmortal too, I wouldn't mind. I don't mind others, I just want to learn. And, If many people can have all the time, maybe others like me will be around and we all together can learn even more.

Ahms... my english sucks.
But, I think I have said everything very clear

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Well, I don't actually have any vehicle, but I do give names to my electronic stuff.
To say my PC is named Koori no Tsuki (Ice moon), my netbook is called D10 (dio, pronounced deeou) and my cellphone is Siegfried the third (because the previous two are dead by now).

I share so many hours with them per day, so many moments along my life that I feel like they are pets or even a really non-action friends, so I name them. That's it. Basically. Not deeper reason, in fact.

Have you...

Well, again I am looking for someone who wants to do a proofread or beta for this fic!
Hope you can enjoy it and correct me in the mistakes I have -for sure- done.

Title: Have you...
Anime: Soukyuu no Fafner
Pairings: soft Kazuki x Soushi x Kazuki
"What about some teenager talk?"

Warnings: placed on the "light period" of the main serie, not so much spoilers. Soft shonen ai. Mature vocabulary.

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See you!